Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

May the New Year bring all the mirth,
to you and your family on this earth.
May the heavenly angels make,
the coming year without any ache.

Happy New Year Twenty Eleven

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

He still wishes for the cloths of heaven

He still wishes for the cloths of heaven

The dreams have trampled and
The cloths have seared.
The night is cruel and
The heart has been speared.

The joy is lost but
the alley is gleamingly lit.
The wait is excruciating,
as if the arms are slit

He lives to cherish love
and can gladly greet death.
Would she need him, he'll
comeback beyond his last breath.

His smile is missing but
her image is still graven.
The stars are too far but
he still wishes cloths of heaven.


Thursday, September 02, 2010

Extant Love

Extant Love

They say love leads to God,
but I say there is joy when I seek you.
They say God leads to solace,
but there is love when I reach you .

They say mortals suffer when they love,
but I say there is happiness in the quest.
They say adoration cannot be extant,
but there is exhilaration when expressed.

They say everybody doesn't recognise love
but I say this is law of nature.
They say forget the uncordial,
but this would be a bad gesture.

They say do not pursue the virago ,
but I say my life has no choice.
They say it is a fatuous fable,
but then this is my only rejoice.


Friday, July 16, 2010

A Divine Adjuration

A Divine Adjuration

God please don’t display flight,
when you don’t intend to give wings

God please don’t teach someone to love,
when you don’t intend to make it an amour.

God please don’t breed hunger,
when you don’t wish to provide food

God please don’t give us a problem,
when there is no solution.

God please don’t put us in a squall,
when there is no shelter.

God in the times of black clouds,
at least give hope of sunshine


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ineluctable fate

Ineluctable fate

Trying to erase the melancholy ineluctable fate,
but the stains of reminiscence seems to be indelible.
Trying to forget the smiling visage,
but no matter what, thoughts seems to stumble.

Trying to carry a heavy heartache,
but the stroll seems to be straying.
Trying to prevent achy tears,
but the emotions keeps overflowing.

Trying not to grow the dreams,
but you are always inside the castle in air.
Trying to write a Salut d'Amour
but cacophony of the notes seems to outwear.

Trying to find where I was selfish,
since every inch of mine was yours.
Trying to accept I am not in your missal,
but you will always be in my memoirs.


Sunday, April 04, 2010

Four seasons and My beloved

Four seasons and My beloved


Sprouts of leaves and flowers hath appeared
You roar the skies unfeared
Wreathing winds don’t draw dust
My beloved face will be smeared


Days are long and nights are short
Sunbeam shining in humid midland
Oh mighty clouds, block the sun
My beloved will get tanned.


Falling leaves and ripe crops
Abasing shine and crying out louder
Winter season don’t come so soon
My beloved loves this weather


Blanket of snow and barren branches
Chilling winds lowering coldness tenfold
I pray to Sol for the sunshine as
My beloved is feeling cold


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Despondent dream weaver

Despondent dream weaver

Mead of life

The healer

Despondent dream weaver

Upon the meadow lies the flute
Waiting for a treat from her lips
Dawn has descended on this unfortunate pursuit
As there won’t be any friendships

The phoenix flies above the mead
Not knowing of the coming blaze
The tears can’t heal her own wound
The prayers can’t rejoin the pathways

The meadow is cold of coming storm
And the lady is lost in vast plains
She founds the flute but doesn’t plays
And the mighty sky ruthlessly rains

"Doesn’t matter if she doesn’t blow a note
Music is not in my mind now“
Calls the phoenix not to heal his wound
But to help the lady somehow

Flute and phoenix start to burn
to make the lady safe and warm
Fire bird will return from the ashes
but the flute evanesced in the rainstorm


Monday, March 01, 2010

Valentinus Prayer

Valentinus Prayer

Though world emphasize this day as special
I seek valentinus everyday
Though my heart is tired
I seek for her visage everyday

Though cupid seems to be active on this day
I long for her smile everyday
Though your thoughts brings me joy
I long for egress from my adversity everyday

Though memories are all that left
I seek for hope everyday
Though i am long forgotten
I seek Eros's divinity everyday

Though even your thoughts are always elusive
I seek for even a false semblance everyday
Though I am fool by punishing myself
I seek for happiness in this mirage everyday

Though you may think it is maudlin story
I pray for your beatitude everyday
Though i may not seek for salvation
I pray you reach your sun everyday

Oh Lord !
May this Valentinus prayer reaches tinkerbell and sooths her heart and mind

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Tinkerbell

Happy Birthday Tinkerbell

As you can see, this year i am not late. The modern technology has given enough marvels to make human remember, i used multiple methods and all of them seems to be successful and i remember your famous formula to derive your birth date. I remember all the details.

Happy birthday.

Believe me , universe do sometimes conspires on things you love to do.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Eternal Optimist

The Eternal Optimist

He is the eternal optimist
He is the ocean of hope
He is the rising moon of twilight
He is the redeemer of mankind
He is the preacher of peace
He is the source of infinite love
He is a lumen against the darkness
He is Lhamo Thondup
He is Tenzin Gyatso
He is Dalai Lama