Monday, March 01, 2010

Valentinus Prayer

Valentinus Prayer

Though world emphasize this day as special
I seek valentinus everyday
Though my heart is tired
I seek for her visage everyday

Though cupid seems to be active on this day
I long for her smile everyday
Though your thoughts brings me joy
I long for egress from my adversity everyday

Though memories are all that left
I seek for hope everyday
Though i am long forgotten
I seek Eros's divinity everyday

Though even your thoughts are always elusive
I seek for even a false semblance everyday
Though I am fool by punishing myself
I seek for happiness in this mirage everyday

Though you may think it is maudlin story
I pray for your beatitude everyday
Though i may not seek for salvation
I pray you reach your sun everyday

Oh Lord !
May this Valentinus prayer reaches tinkerbell and sooths her heart and mind

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