Saturday, April 23, 2011

God in love

God in love

When for someone love is God,
then devotion becomes religion.
Even without miracles,
there is hope in conviction.

Then when love doesn’t answer,
and when expectations dwindle.
Then He teaches you,
how to solve the riddle.

When your love cannot be sighted
He says "Just close your eyes".
Your heart becomes your vision
you'll see beloved over moonrise

He says "Don't ever lose hope"
love has many forms to reveal
Once you use to skip a beat and
now benevolence is how you feel

The forces of nature you cannot defy.
Even if you don’t survive onslaughts,
you can put a person in prison,
but can never its amorous thoughts.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Your Nocturnal visit

Your Nocturnal visit

I know for sure this visit,
is too nice to be real.
But deep down I pretend then
It is nice to be dual.

How can a dream be so clear?
A visage with a classy earring
Beside the Kirk watching her,
can never be tiring.

When I see the ticking clock
my legs run into a fidget.
I leap for her hand in vain
on this nocturnal visit

I offer my soul to the devil
But there is nothing he can assist
and now I lie awake
with my hands stretched in a fist