Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ineluctable fate

Ineluctable fate

Trying to erase the melancholy ineluctable fate,
but the stains of reminiscence seems to be indelible.
Trying to forget the smiling visage,
but no matter what, thoughts seems to stumble.

Trying to carry a heavy heartache,
but the stroll seems to be straying.
Trying to prevent achy tears,
but the emotions keeps overflowing.

Trying not to grow the dreams,
but you are always inside the castle in air.
Trying to write a Salut d'Amour
but cacophony of the notes seems to outwear.

Trying to find where I was selfish,
since every inch of mine was yours.
Trying to accept I am not in your missal,
but you will always be in my memoirs.


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