Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reason for love

Reason for love

"Do you love me?"  "Yes" comes the instant reply. "Tell me why do you love me?” He did not had any answer. This question has been asked perhaps a million times in past by generation of couples. It is one the hardest question he can answer. He knew that he never volunteered to fall in love. You fall in love not because your brain says so , it because your heart drives your emotions. There was a mumble and said "Because of your environment" . This might be one of the stupid answers to this question. "Am I a tree?" She asked. He still did not had any answer. Loving someone doesn't need a reason. If you can explain why you love someone, its not love. It is a simple like. She was looking for something to blow her mind. It didn’t happened. But ask the person who had to answer this question, for which there is no answer.It is like asking someone to describe the taste of water.

A Buddhist Prayer

Changchub semchog Rinpoche ,Ma ske pa nam ske gyur shig.
Skewa nyam pa met par yang ,Gong ne Gong du phel war shog.

May a compassionate enlightened being be born wherever needed.
Wherever they born, may the number increase leaps and bounds

This is my translation , which I think is the intended meaning of this prayer . Of course this is not the literal translation.