Wednesday, September 16, 2009



The memories I have of you cannot be lost or faded
The joy of moments together with you will be cherished
Those memories are mine and will not be severed from my thoughts

I still want to watch you from a distance
Coz your happiness will bring a gleam in my life
Though I know that now your moments are only yours

I didn’t knew life has a paradoxical game
Even if there is anger and hatred on one side
There blooms love and tranquility on the other

Even if life has no meaning there is journey
Even if joy has ceased and hope vanished there is a role
Love has taught a dejected heart to wipe a melancholy life

Love teaches you many good things
But for some unfortunates one
It teaches you in a hard way

They say you have to always move forward in life
But what if the best moments are in past?
Sure you may not know future, but what is wrong in savoring past happiness


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