Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Last Sunshine

It was a one fine February winter morning , he had just seven days before he had to head back overseas for work. The joy of meeting her had kept his mind racing all through the week.He already knew that she wont accept any gift from her, but still then he had purchased gifts for her , a sea shell necklace and a winter cap. He had earlier recharged her phone , only because to keep the only mode of communication with her alive.

The rendezvous point was metro cinema in the heart of city , it was also near to her home. Metro cinema was part of colonial legacy and hawkers took the advantage of its majestic portico by making it a small knick knack store. He had reached the cinema well in advance. How can you imagine he making her wait ? He had good thirty minutes to spare. So his mind races to think a method to capture the moment.

The hawkers and street vendors vanished into thin air when she appeared out of subway, in a black sweater . Her eyes spoke volumes of warmth , and her smile as pleasant as always . It would be abnormal if you don't smile in front of her since , she was myriad of happiness.He shook hands with her and greeted with a 'Hello'. He took her to pizza hut,

The sun on that days had shone for the last time into oblivion.

That was years ago and now the only reminiscence is the constant pledges in his dream which says

"Life never asked me what i want"
"I will love her all my life , as loving her keeps me some strength to live and that is the deal"

Even now whenever he passes by metro cinema , he makes a pilgrimage to pizza hut, as if it is the altar of his romantic divinity.Even now the necklace in his wardrobe longs for its lady, and he is waiting to for something which is unknown .

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Tp said...

i m wishing you all the best for ur dreams..i m wid u.. The story is really touching and beautiful.