Sunday, April 12, 2009

Glimpse in Cold.

Glimpse in Cold. 

It was winter, and at my place, winters are harsh. At an altitude of 3600 meters above sea level in winters even the day temperatures barely cross the freezing point. There is a joke popular there, that goes like that we can easily fool a person who is not from my place into believing that at my place "spit freezes before it hit the ground" in those winter periods.

It is routine there to heat up the engine of a vehicle, else it won’t start. My routine also consisted of taking kerosene stove near our vehicle and our driver use to shove it inside under the engine of our gypsy. Fifteen minutes of flame and only then the gypsy would hum.

The reward for this exercise was driving lessons from Acho (brother), for a kid who has not reached his legal driving age. I could hardly reach for the accelerator and manage to see from the windshield simultaneously. But I wasn’t a bad driver at all. Even on ice, while the rear wheels would skid, I use to manage the vehicle. 

So it was another cold night, but I was looking forward. She was coming for supper with her parents and sister.The presence of her were always a beatitude, but how do I overcome the adrenaline rush, that was always a troublesome issue. My only antidote for that was to enjoy the fascinating smile from a distance.  

It seems she had no idea, that I was espying at her and enjoying the pleasant gleam and glow. She was flipping pages of our old album, but for me it seems the moment has frozen as the pictures in that album. 

But the moment was short lived and after dinner they started to head back home. And there we were outside, waving them goodbye and a good thing happened. Their car didn’t start. :-) It meant another few moments with her. I thanked the God for jamming her car's engine.

So it was decided we push the car. While I was pushing the car, I prayed. Don’t start! But this time my lady luck was sleeping. 

The car didn’t need my push as the engine was running.

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