Saturday, May 30, 2009

He and She

For him the dejection has  created sores in his heart and still her thought sooths his grief. For him love is transcendental, a locked gaze, a wave of emotions, her all over the world. It is all the objects pointing to a tired heart.It is all those repeated dreams , that always end with grieving note. It is the butterflies that use to tickle his stomach in vain. Love may not always be based on  happy feelings , great company and warmth. 

For him quest never ends. its was a continual emotional journey of decades. For him an its her for eons of time, so  he didn't really lost !  He will wait till his soul burns and fade away. All he wish now is that he doesn't forget her visage.

For him the news of her is a source of elation, picture of hers is like  moment of solace for a person on death bed.For him , its still a mystery why the paths didn't converged.For him all his life he wanted to experience love but she never rained on the burning earth. Even the alcohol in his head, lost in the  battle of nerves . She was much more potent than alcohol.

For him joy means her and her means joy.

For her ...... 

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Strange_Currencies said...

... something are best left as they are... hard is the word, but change is inevitable for a blissful start. And here in Dust and Dirt, oh here the lilies of His Love appears....