Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lost and found

“When I was a kid, two and half years old one day I was locked out side the main door. It was an old wooden door with its latch high up. I don’t remember how I came out but some how realized that I was out and I didn’t know how to open the door. So I started playing right there outside the door. Just then two ladies came asking if one of my cousins had come. They asked me. I remember that and I out of my concern, set out to look for my cousin. If stories are to be believed, I reached near the mosque and there one of the ladies selling milk took care of me and taking me for some Muslims kid. I even took a nap there then you know what I ended up with a stranger 
In the mean time when I absence was noticed at home, people started looking for me my neighbors, so many of them. One of the old ladies started screaming at sister for not looking after me and then finally when I was no where to be found, they set out to the police station. In the strangers house (this part I remember a bit) I was asked bout my details father's name ma's name my house was somewhere there!!!!!
So she too gave up on me and decided to take me to the police station.
And then my fate took a turn and she met my pa and my folks on the way.
Thus I was back, happy, smiling and cooing with my pa and my folks”

(Based on a real life experience of a narrator)

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