Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ladakhi songs for download

Check my playlist here

Thanks to rapishare , I hope the links are still valid .

Ladakhi mp3 songs for download.
1. Migchu (Tears) Ladakhi album.

2. Delwa (Relationship) Ladakhi movie

3.E-mitsey (This Life)

4. Songs of Morup Namgyal

5.Butsa Chuti Yongstey (Son came for holiday)

6.Milam (Dream)

7. Skit Sum Sduk Sum (In good and bad times) Ladakhi movie

8. Lasdel Ladakhi Movie

Enjoy and post your comments.


tumailpa said...
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tumailpa said...

hello.... i want all the songs of skit sum sduk sum.. unfortunately the links are not valid i think, coz m nt able to download them.. pls plz post a new link again..

loner said...


Try the new link , which i have posted, rapishare deletes files which are not accessed frequentlt