Sunday, June 29, 2008

Skit Sum Sduk Sum

Skit Sum Sduk Sum
Rating 3/5
This is another movie from Ladakh Vision Group.
The movie is yet another Ladakhi melodrama highly influenced by bollywood. The story doesn’t offer anything new. It is yet another love story gone sour due to confusion. The great cinematography of breathtaking highland mustard fields deserves a praise. The costumes are amazing , the great selection of gonchas, sulmas, phoomet & stotung
Its a story of Otsal and Nilza . Otsal is son of a doll maker , carries his father ‘s (potrayed by morup namgyal ) profession after his death. Otsal goes to sell his dolls to gyalsa (capital). There he meets Nilza after saving her from a Dzo chase. There love grooms among the great landscape and till interval everything is picture perfect.
After interval , there is marriage. Otsal comes as magpa to Nilza’s family. Since Otsal is not interested in Nilza’s family business , he continues his work for doll making. This doesn’t go well Nilza’s father since he want Otsal to manage his business. He then hatches a plan to create confusion between Nilza and Otsal . This results in divorce and Nilza goes to himachel Pradesh to deliver their baby.
After seven years Otsal visits himachel Pradesh and meets his daughter. Parents reunite and they live happly after.

Its high time now Mr Wangchuk Mogol , put some subtitles in the movie and submit the movie to international community , like OSEAN CINE film festival .The movie will definitely showcase Ladakhi art and culture to the international community and might win some accolades.

One thing i need to mention that the background score definitely needs some improvement.
Also Ladakhi movie making has now graduated and produces fine cinema.

Download the songs of Skit Sum Sduk Sum here

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