Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Fable of a loner

I just sat to write down some of my thoughts . It had been a terrible week for me. I came to know some of my traits as a human. I can now rightly classify myself as a loner. Frankly speaking I was a loner all the time. Confining myself to the world of a single soul . Having innumerable conversation with Almighty God. Well it was always a monologue between us . He is a patient listener . Available all the time .Listened to all my thoughts, queries, anxiety & frustration. But He nevered offered any explanation nor he commented on my thoughs. It really helped to me recover from a situation wherein I was like a ship caught in a middle of storm , a ship which had already accepted its fate , the fate that it has been doomed , destined to touch the bottom the ocean. As it said that when to listen to somebody’s pangs, it helps him to recover from his grief. Similar things happen to me when I have a monologue with God. I just have Him in my moments of grief which I cant share with the outer world. Hadnt he bestowed those invisible healing charms , I would have been in terrible shape

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